Falkor, is a very loyal pack leader. When it comes to his family and pack life, he is a very strong and loving leader. An extremely athletic and confrontational guardian with an exceptional intense demeanor when it comes time to go to work.

31" Tall - 125 lbs - 4 years 



Willow, is the matriarch of the pack. An exceedingly strong and independent female who don't need no man tellin' her what to do! A very hard worker who never misses a beat, rain or shine, sleet or snow Willow is there watching over everything. Like Sasquatch, if there weren't pictures of her you wouldn't even know she existed.

28.5" Tall - 110 lbs - 4 years 



Bog Dog, although still young has shown a lot of progress at becoming like his father Falkor. He is built stockier but that doesn't slow him down. Extremely well mannered with children, family and very aware of his space. The power in his movement is very noticeably and he is always on scene looking naturally majestic. Definitely eye catching while still maintaining a very stoic attitude. 

32" Tall - 145 lbs - 19 months 

Bog Dog


Sansa, is a very gentle and loving girl. Extremely agile and swift in her movements. Absolutely amazing with children and other animals, you never have to worry about their safety while she is around. Very obedient and willing to please which can be hard to find in a TM. Better with strangers than most but still very alert to their presence.

29" Tall - 110 lbs - 19 months


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TM Silhoette.png