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Many of our past families have come back the following year to get a second Tibetan Mastiff. Contact us and we are happy to speak with you to tell you more about the Tibetan Mastiff. Their loyalty is unlike any other breed and we love talking about them. They are our passion!

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Owner: Lucas



Owner: Haley



Owner: Shelli



Owner: Zach

Testimonials: Meet the Team
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Owner: Kimberlee



Owner: Gus



Owner: Jacob



Owner: Matt & Shelby

Testimonials: Meet the Team


Owner: Joanne

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Owner: Heather

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Owner: Haley (Families 2nd TM)



Owner: Heather (Families 2nd TM)

Testimonials: Meet the Team


Check out what our previous families have had to say about our dogs.

I started my Tibetan Mastiff journey with a 3yo female that someone gave me. She was not working out for the family as a house pet, and she had a hard time adjusting to the farm, but she’s turned into a really good dog for us. I liked her temperament, (more like a cat than a dog) and appreciate her independence, and attention to the children. We decided to look for a male. I have a lot of sheep, and need to breed, in order to raise the quality that I need.

I met Jason a couple years ago. He took a lot of time, educating me about Tibetan Mastiffs, and the difference between his lines, (ancient working lines) and the drastically altered Chinese lines. I was looking at a mastiff line of LGD that would not be a roamer, (Spanish Mastiff, Pyrenean Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff). In general, mastiffs seem to be better at sticking closer to the flock/herd.

There are very few people raising LGD lines of Tibetan Mastiffs, and I’ve always thought it was a cool breed. It was dumb luck, or providence that I met Jason when I did. We bought George from him at 10 weeks old, and he has been the best farm/family dog we have raised. At only a year old, he’s 140+lbs. He doesn’t wander, doesn’t mess with the poultry, or any other farm animals, and hangs with the kids when they are outside. He LOVES our kids. From the beginning he would lay next to the stroller when my wife would leave the baby, while doing chores. He still sticks to the kids like glue. The cousins love him so much, one of the boys did an animal report, (could have been any animal on the planet) for school on George....they have their own dog (who is probably pretty jealous) 😂

Every farmer who gets a Labrador for a pet, actually wants a Tibetan Mastiff, and just doesn’t know it. They have long life spans, very few health concerns, and are mellow, and loyal. Also, they’re scarier than most breeds. So if protection of your family is a priority, they definitely have the intimidation factor.

Jason is an ethical breeder. I trust him, and know that he’s a true dog lover. He’s become a good friend, and a trusted advisor in developing a solid breeding program with these unique and noble dogs. I highly recommend his dogs and his training/breeding program.

- Lucas


It's almost been one year ago now that my brother started to bug me about getting a puppy... He said he was looking at Tibetan Mastiffs and there was a sister left in the litter; that he wanted to get the brother and we could bring them up around each other. At the time we were not in the position to be getting a dog, and told him no. He continued to ask almost every single day sending us pictures of "our puppy"... We started off by saying " Do we need a dog? Are we in a good spot to have a dog?" And then finally we said " Well if we got a dog what would we name her?" It was right then that I knew we'd be getting a dog and I've never been more happy! When we finally decided yes I was on the phone with Jason or texting him asking a bunch of questions making sure that we could give her the best home possible. And even though I was probably a pain he answered them with absolutely no hesitation and patience. He was so informational and helpful through the entire process and even now a year later!  We have moved into a new home and that was a bit of a difficult transition for Nova, so I called asking what I could do to help and again he was there giving tips and information on what we could do to make this easier for her. A year later he still checks in to see how her and her brother are doing up in MA and always asks for pictures and updates! Since we have gotten Nova and her brother, we've all said what a great experience it has been with Jason's help and support along the way. I cannot wait until it is time to get another Tibetan Mastiff from him!
I hope this helps you! :) Thank you again!


We really appreciate how everything has gone. We had no background experience with Tibetan Mastiffs and Jason had more than enough information to help us make our decision. Even after buying Arlo I never am hesitant to call Jason with any questions. Arlo has been great since the beginning easy to house train and he’s been great with the kids.  We have cows and he’s been great around them too, he’s an all-around great dog.


Jason's lines are phenomenal! Our girl is almost 8 months old and she is perfect in every way. She has a large head, thick luxurious coat and perfect conformation. A stunningly large, solid dog. She came to us for property protection and livestock guardian. She is excellent with our large flocks of chickens, guinea, quail and our other dogs and cats. She is always on the watch for dangers, wary of potential threats, has already perfected recall, walking our property while staying close off leash, and the amazing Tibetan hip lean keeping me protected. She is extremely quiet. Tibetan's are said to be prone to bark, not ours! She has literally barked once when someone entered an unexpected door. I would not hesitate to get our next Tibetan from Jason, he knows what he's doing and didn't disappoint! We are in love with our girl!
Feel free to cut or add whatever you'd like! I meant every word, she is perfect...and the boys are already asking for another ;) my husband says we should wait a bit. Lol! But he is just as smitten with her...he's always saying how "freaking huge her legs are"! And he said that although he didn't want "another dog" he feels great knowing we're safe when he leaves for work again. Win!!


We have had many breeds of dogs and Tibetan Mastiff has never been on our radar, until we got to know Jason and heard so much about them from him. After seeing the pictures and videos of his bloodline we easily became interested in having one and finally took the plunge and got one. We have been nothing but impressed and in love with the girl we got from him! Very smart, sweet, child friendly, dog friendly, but most of all protective. Protective by pure instinct, which is exactly what we were looking for for our farm. It is obvious from what our pup knows by nature that the bloodline she comes from has been well taken care of and worked with a great amount. We are so happy with our decision to get a Tibetan from Jason and we will definitely get our next one from him!


We received a male puppy from Jason we named him Chewbacca, ‘Chewie’ for short.  He just turned a year old and he has been great. Chewie has a great temperament, he allows the kids to play with him, tug on his tail and also lean on him. He has never growled at the children or anyone in the family. He has already shown us his protective nature.  One instance I can remember is a meter reader got close to our fence and he barked as a warning and as the person got closer he rushed toward the fence line and his bark got serious. He is also very mellow and calm when inside the house and around people, he will come inside find his spot right in the middle of the kitchen and lays down to sleep and won’t move for anyone.  It’s funny to see him open one eye look at us like saying ‘I’m resting here please go around’, and he does his job so he deserves his spot. Jason has been in contact with us from the beginning, he asks how he is doing and if we have any questions, he is more than willing to answer. This is my first Tibetan mastiff and I had a lot of questions. I will recommend Kestler Family Farms and their breeding program to anyone looking for a LGD.


Very satisfied with confirmation of dog and even more satisfied with the dog’s ability to do its job. Chief is a fierce guard dog and very loving to the animals he protects. Jason has been consistent to help when I needed advice, he has truly been invested in the dogs and it makes it easier since this was my first time with a mastiff.


Hello Kestler Family Farms,
First, a big thank you!
Elvira is off of Falcor and Ursala's 2018 litter. From the moment we found out we would be the proud new owners of "Ursula junior" lovingly named after her mom, we knew she'd be a special part of our life. We watched her go through puppy culture, early nerve stimulation, environmental exposure to house life as well as farm life.
Having goats, horses, chickens, rabbits as well as other dogs we were glad to have a Tibetan Mastiff breeder so dedicated to her upbringing. Raw feeding was definitely a huge plus as clearly she grew at an optimal rate. Elvira came home after shipping arranged by you, delivered straight to our farm. Elvira was and is the sweetest fluffiest thing we have ever laid eyes on.
Her demeanor and primitive behavior just is captivating. She naturally does perimeter checks and seeks out things to do all day on the homestead. From day one she has laid with newborn chicks, goats and can behave so well around the horses they have never minded her around. She is weary and defensive of strangers and strange dogs but is happy to jump to greet us, our dogs as well as close friends. We cannot say enough good things about her adaptability and resilience.
Keep up the great work raising amazing dogs for amazing people! Lots of love,
If any of your future puppy owners need a reference for you, please feel free to share our info.
Matt and Shelby


Dear Jason,

Thank you so much for breeding such a healthy, sweet, attentive dog that learns so quickly.  As you know I’m using Mabel as a livestock guarding dog who is able to stay with my micro mini cattle without any incidents.   She is very trust worthy although she still has a way to go to be out of the adolescent years so I’m also very cautious. She is of course very stubborn but will eventually do what I ask.   I know this gets better as they get older and some more training. 

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our wonderful girl. 

Thanks for all your support as well,
Joanne Carr
Wee Acres Farms, PA


Testimonials: Testimonials
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